Furniture | January 17, 2020 12:22 pm

New Horizontal Zero-Gravity Desk Lets You Lie Down on the Job

In 2020, we lie down at work.

altwork desk
Yes, it does look like a dentist chair.

Life got a little harder a few years ago when standing desks attempted to take over the workplace. For years we’ve sat silently while our standing coworkers towered over us, judging us from above and saying things like “sitting is the new cancer” and “I just feel SO much better since quitting social media.” But now, finally, there is a desk for the rest of us: a lying down desk.

Officially called the Signature Altwork Station, the zero-gravity desk allows workers to recline while they work in a fully adjustable workstation. As People pointed out, the Altwork Station resembles a dentist chair and can be adjusted through a range of sitting positions from upright to fully horizontal, all while working away on your laptop.

“The beauty of the Altwork is once the monitor, desk, headrest and seat back are set at any one posture, they all follow your body over the full range of postures,” an instructional video on the company’s website explains. “The monitor stays at a fixed distance and angle from the head, your fingers stay on the homerow of the keyboard, [and the] seat bottom tilts to keep you from sliding out of the chair.”

While the Altwork may seem like a gift crafted specifically for the lazy at heart, the design actually has peak productivity in mind. According to its designers, Altwork will allow users to “focus longer on complex tasks” by eliminating the “discomfort of standard tables and chairs.”

That checks out to me, and apparently those who’ve tried it agree. In a review on the company’s website, one customer claimed they were “able to unlock a level of focus and flow in my Altwork that I can’t get anywhere else,” adding that they’re “just able to think and work at a higher level.”

Standing desks were cute for a bit in the 2010s, but in 2020, we’re lying down.

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