Watch: “SNL” Gives the Impeachment Hearings the Soap Opera Treatment

Jon Hamm makes a guest appearance as Bill Taylor

Jon Hamm as Bill Taylor on "Saturday Night Live"
Jon Hamm as Bill Taylor on "Saturday Night Live"
By Bonnie Stiernberg / November 17, 2019 9:45 am

Last night (Nov. 16), Saturday Night Live skewered the complaint that the impeachment hearings lacked “pizzazz,” reimagining them as a melodramatic Days of Our Lives-style soap opera called Days of Our Impeachment in the show’s cold open.

“Some complained the hearings were ‘lacking in pizzazz,’ ‘dull,’ and ‘not The Masked Singer,’” a voiceover reads. “So to make sure people are paying attention, we now present the hearings in a way that underscores how scandalous these revelations really are.”

In addition to all the usual suspects (Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, Alex Moffat as Adam Schiff, Mikey Day as “cross-examiner with a mysterious brain injury” Jim Jordan), the sketch featured a guest appearance from Jon Hamm as Ambassador Bill Taylor.

Pete Davidson’s Michael Avenatti stopped by with the shocking revelation that Trump had an affair with a porn star. “Yeah, bud, we know,” is the response he gets. “No one seems to care.”

Kenan Thompson also appeared as Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett — or as Cecily Strong’s Ambassador Yovanovitch described him, “the guy who hit the other guy with the helmet” — revealing that Trump “pardoned me too for the war crimes. He said I could bring the helmet to Afghanistan and just go nuts.”

You can watch the sketch in its entirety below.

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