Should “Promising Young Woman” Be Required Viewing for College Students?

Students can access a free virtual screening of the movie this Thursday


Hank Azaria Says He Owes Every Indian Person an Apology for Apu

The actor admitted the "Simpsons" character is "practically a slur at this point"


Turns Out Phoebe Bridgers Smashing Her Guitar on “SNL” Wasn’t Wasteful After All

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Seriously, Please Leave Prince’s Vault Alone

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Rapper DMX Dead at 50

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Diddy Pens Open Letter to General Motors: “If You Love Us, Pay Us”

The mogul called out the company for disrespecting Black-owned media brands


Prince Shelved His Album “Welcome 2 America,” But It’s Being Released Anyway

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One Year Since His Death, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy John Prine Records

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Officials Say Tiger Woods's Crash Caused by Excessive Speed

Woods was driving at least 84 mph in a 45 mph zone at the time of the wreck


Oscar Nominees and Their Guests Apparently Count as “Essential Workers”

The Academy announced that nominees can get essential workers' waivers to attend the ceremony