Art | June 25, 2022 10:04 pm

One Swiss City Is Giving Its Art Scene a Major Boost

Lausanne could be your next art destination

Lausanne has a long history.
Wikimedia Commons

At what point does a country become an art-world destination? Switzerland is already on the map when it comes to contemporary art as a result of Art Basel, but its reputation might be heightening even more in the months and years to come. That’s one of the big takeaways from a new article in ARTnews, which discusses the ways in which a trio of art institutions have converged into one especially notable arts district.

That would be Plateforme 10, described on its website as “The New Arts District Lausanne.” (To be honest, the French version — “Le Nouveau Quartier Des Arts Lausanne” — has an even better ring to it.) As ARTnews describes, the new district involves a trio of museums: the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (mudac), Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (MCBA) and Photo Elysée, Cantonal Museum for Photography.

Combining art spaces like this towards a common purpose can work out remarkably well — I’m very fond of Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, for instance, which brings together several storied institutions in one place. And Lausanne’s own overlap with arts history is deep, and includes a museum dedicated to the Art Brut movement.

Could these efforts boost Lausanne’s profile in the art world? There’s a lot to admire about what they’ve done here — combining the long game with eye-catching design and architecture.