Rotating Tiny Home in Portland Available For Rent

Changing the rules for a perfect view

359 House
The 359 tiny house in Portland, Oregon
By Tobias Carroll / July 21, 2019 12:09 pm

The world abounds with innovative examples of tiny home design, but there’s one residence in Portland, Oregon that opts for a particularly distinctive feature. In the city’s Boise neighborhood, if you look closely enough, you can find a tiny home that rotates. Imagine: a spot where the perfect light coming through a living room window can last all day.

And now, this singular experience is open to the public: the home’s owners have it up for rent on AirBnB.

A report at Oregon Live also explored some of the house’s distinctive features, and discussed architect Ben Kaiser’s goals for the project.

Kaiser turned convention on its head by taking a 12-foot-square footprint, blowing it up two stories, and putting a glass wall in the front and solid walls in the back.

He then cleverly placed the whole structure on top of a series of wheels connected to a steel bezel that rotates like a giant turntable.

Insert a steel lever into the platform’s socket under the porch to turn it on its axis.

The house can’t quite rotate 360 degrees due to its water and power connections — hence the project’s name, 359.

For those whose interest in this tiny house goes beyond just spending a night there, building a 359 of your own is also in the cards: the article mentions that blueprints for this distinctive house can be purchased from Kaiser’s architecture firm.

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