Table Stakes

Sushi, sports bars and an eight-seat French joint.

By The Editors
August 27, 2015 9:00 am
Table Stakes
Oleg March 2015

To keep tabs on every New York restaurant and bar opening is folly. But to keep tabs on the most worthy? Yeoman’s work, and we’re proud to do it. Thus we present Table Stakes, a monthly rundown of the five (or so) must-know spots that have swung wide their doors in the past thirty (or so). Bon appétit.

There is no right way to break bread.

If eating out were merely for sustenance, the burger at Spotted Pig or the Jerk Chicken Po’ Boy at Mets Stadium would suffice.

If it were all about decorum, we’d be having Mexican standoffs out front of Jean-Georges every night.

But being a citified gent means finding a happy medium between the two.

With than in mind, we present this month’s edition of Table Stakes, featuring five handsome eating solutions at both ends of the high-low spectrum.

On the list:

  • The definitive answer to showing up at a party with something better than a bottle of red in hand

  • A new sports bar with something for everyone (and probably a TV; they’ve got 45 of ‘em)

  • A very charming French spot for your next date night (assuming you can secure two of their eight seats)

And: one South-American style rotisserie serving up a “Beast of the Week.” That one’s just for you.


Enjoy the guide.

This Date Night Expires on 8/31
Weird Burgers! Weird Sushi! All Excellent!


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