Meet the Beer and Video Game Collaboration of Your College Dreams

Busch and Big Buck Hunter team up for a good cause

Busch and Big Buck Hunter team up for a good cause
Busch and Big Buck Hunter team up for a good cause

If you graduated college in the last 20 years, there’s a pretty decent chance you encountered two things on a fairly normal basis: good ol’ American canned beer and Big Buck Hunter at bars you probably haven’t set foot in since you graduated. Those were the days, right? Just gathered around a video game with a plastic orange gun, shooting at ducks and pheasants that looked real enough to make you think that you were out in the wilderness with a shotgun and some beers.

Now, those two things have actually come together in a somewhat meaningful way: raising funds and awareness for wildlife conservation efforts.

With things like the Endangered Species Act and other environmental restrictions in danger, that sort of effort couldn’t be more necessary. In this case, Big Buck Hunter is getting together with Busch Beer to issue Busch Big Buck Hunter Permits. The thinking is that hunting permits are on the decline and those permits help to pay for important conservation efforts, so for five bucks on, you can get one of the permits. No, it won’t allow you to go hunting for deer, but swiping your permit at any Big Buck Hunter machine nationwide will unlock an exclusive “Great White Buck” level. If you nab the Buck then you get yourself in the running to get a console of your own. You can finally work towards that dream of turning your basement into your college bar — and all for a good cause. Proceeds will benefit the National Forest Foundation and their efforts.

Busch will also offer up six types of specially-marked Busch and Busch Light x Buck Hunter packs that unlock a smartphone-powered Augmented Reality game. Everybody who plays enters for a chance to win a console. And whenever fans play and post their scores on social media, Busch will donate a buck (a dollar, not an actual buck) to the NFF. So go ahead and feel good about drinking beer and playing video games. Now you can do it for a good cause.

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