Architecture & Real Estate

Luxury Home Sales Are Surging Amid the Pandemic

People are moving out of pricey markets and into luxury homes


Children’s Choir Sings George Harrison’s “Give Me Love” to Raise Awareness for Frontline Nurses

The video is part of a new charitable campaign from Careismatic Brands


Hockey Ref With COVID-19 May Have Exposed 400 People

The exposure potentially happened at two arenas in Maine and one in New Hampshire


Two Women Win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna are only the fifth and sixth women to take home the prize


Future of MMA, Boxing and Pro Wrestling in Doubt Thanks to COVID-19

The combat-sports pipeline has been severely damaged by the coronavirus pandemic


Poet Louise Glück Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Glück is the first female poet to receive the prize since 1996

News & Opinion

Black CEOs Are Still in an Extreme Minority

Diversity efforts aren't putting enough work into retaining and promoting Black talent


This Pilot Watch Can Do Everything But Fly the Plane

The new GRAVITYMASTER is yet another fine example of G-SHOCK’s unbreakable ethos


Colorado’s Newest Ski Area Opening for Full Season Without Lifts

Bluebird Backcountry is also moving locations and adding three times the terrain

News & Opinion

Can Golf Courses Solve LA’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Housing-starved Los Angeles has the largest municipal golf system in the U.S.


The NBA’s Ratings Are Going Down. Why?

Ethan Strauss of The Athletic recently shared his thoughts on the matter with Slate