Googly Eyes Put on Historic Statue of Revolutionary War general.

The vandal altered a statue of Nathanael Greene in a Savannah, Ga., square.

googly eyes
Someone placed "googly eyes" on a historic Nathanael Greene statue in Johnson Square in Savannah, Ga. Credit: City of Savannah Facebook page (City of Savannah Government)

The City of Savannah Government posted an urgent question to its Facebook page last week: “Who did this?!”

The source of the outrage was an incident of vandalism in which “googly eyes” were pasted on a statue of Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War general buried in Savannah’s historic Johnson Square. The stick-on eyes were barely visible from afar, but up close, it almost made the statue look “comically alive,” writes The Washington Post. 

“It may look funny but harming our historic monuments and public property is no laughing matter,” city officials wrote, according to The Post. “In fact, it’s a crime.”

The City asked for anyone with information to report tips to the police department. But they may have gotten a different reaction from the post than they hoped. It has been shared over 17,000 times and attracted comments far beyond the Savannah city limits. Many have said the city is overreacting and others think the result will be copycat “googly eye bandits.”

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