Ghost Ship Reaches Land in Ireland After a Year Adrift

The voyage of the MV Alta has ended — for now

MV Alta
The MV Alta during its time adrift on the Atlantic.
Royal Navy

For the last few days, residents of Ireland have been dealing with the effects of Storm Dennis. It’s brought high winds and precipitation to the island; but that’s not all. There’s been one more very unexpected thing brought by the story: a ghost ship that’s been traveling across the Atlantic for the last year.

If you did a double-take at that, you’re not alone. The MV Alta, a cargo ship, ran aground near County Cork on Sunday. Its voyage had taken it to numerous continents over the last few months, including Europe, Africa and the Americas.

At The Guardian, Rory Carroll reports that authorities are currently seeking the best way to handle the vessel’s unexpected arrival. The County council has asked the public to keep their distance. In the statement they released, they noted that this has less to do with a fear of pollution and more with the specific area where the ship is located.

From a public safety perspective, Cork County Council is asking members of the public to stay away from the wreck location as it is located on a dangerous and inaccessible stretch of coastline and is in an unstable condition.

As Carroll describes it, the ship was damaged near Bermuda in late 2018, and its crew was evacuated. The vessel was later hijacked; the result of that remains unknown, however, as the ship was not spotted again until August of last year. Perhaps whatever the authorities find on the ship will offer some hints as to its recent history. Or perhaps it will only deepen the mystery even more.

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