Every 21st Century Camper Needs This

Bring the grid with you. Judiciously.

By The Editors
February 24, 2015 9:00 am

Bay Area naturalist John Muir once advised a disciple: “Break clear away, once in awhile, and spend a week in the woods.”

Good advice in 1915.

But a century later, we don’t mind a little help bridging the gap between off-grid and on.

Like some efficient, powerful camp lights that’ll also charge our favorite USB devices — aka the new NanoGrid rechargeable light pack from BioLite.

We get it: a phone at 100% threatens to turn a weekend in Coe Park into one wildly unsatisfying session of Blek.

But let’s be real. Lose the compass, and nobody’s going to complain about using your phone’s GPS — now fully powered up thanks to the Nano, which also includes two small but bright SiteLights you can string along for 20 extra feet of illumination.

It also includes a lantern-style PowerLight that provides up to 200 lumens of light in 360-degree mode (what’s mood lighting back home is plenty bright in the woods).

The Nano’s also dimmable and features a strobe light. For “emergencies.”

As for keeping you on the grid: it’ll power “3.5 GoPros, three phones, or run the light for up to 72 hours.”

Because some habits are hard to break, Sr. Muir.

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