You’ll Love This Remote Control

One remote to rule them all.

By The Editors
February 9, 2015 9:00 am

Once upon the 1980s, having two remotes meant you were a successful man.

Now, they are the kudzu of the living room. Too many. Too big. Too complicated. Too dumb.

That’s why we heartily endorse Neeo, a single remote for all your devices, available for preorder now.

Just Kickstarted to the tune of $1.2M, Neeo connects all of your remotes into a single iOS and Android app (or their remote if you, y’know, want another one).

How many devices? All the devices. (Or thereabouts.)

Neeo supports 55,000 televisions, 19,000 DVD and Blu-ray players, an array of projector systems, Nest thermostats (first and second gen), Z-Wave home systems like Fibaro and Qubino, Apple TV, SONOS and more.

Moving forward, users can vote on what gear the support team should tackle next.

The Neeo also offers “Scenarios,” which automate compound remote actions.

Dim the lights, pick the source for your TV, hit play on the John Wick DVD, adjust the volume — all at the press of a single button.

Hand recognition, too: pick it up and Neeo’s developers promise the remote will display your favorite playlists and films.

Most important: when you lose the Neeo remote, just hit “SOS alarm” on your phone.

Just don’t lose your phone, too.

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