$50 a Month for Unlimited Portable Wifi — Yes, Please

It's a new plan from Karma. We're into it.

By The Editors
November 12, 2015 9:00 am

They can turn off our heat.

They can turn off our cable. 

But they’ll never take … our WiFi.

That is the promise of Neverstop, the brand new, $50-a-month, works-anywhere, unlimited WiFi plan from Karma. 

This not the first time we’ve had our hand on the unicorn that is the endless portable Internet connection. Clear, whch got swallowed up by Sprint and shut down its service a week ago, was — at least as far as our research suggests — the last of the unlimited high-speed portable WiFi providers. 

Neverstop joins Karma’s existing $14-per-gig option, now titled “Refuel.”  

The service — which requires the purchase of a $149, hockey-puck-sized device to get started — will run you $50 a month for unlimited data and supports up to three devices at a time with speeds of up to 5Mbps.

And it currently serves more than 460 U.S. cities via Sprint’s LTE network.

Maybe you need something more substantial. We don’t. 

All we need is the peace of mind that we can get online whenever, pretty much wherever we need to.

We’ll deal with the philosophical problems later.

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