So This Thing Will Improve Your DNA

Or at the very least tighten up your stomach muscles

By The Editors
March 25, 2015 9:00 am

Comes a time in a man’s life that he must make a stand, if only because the doc says that sitting just might kill him.

Hence the standing desk, which is supposed to improve your posture.

Lengthen your telomeres.

Help you live longer.

All of which sounds delightful, but we’ll go you one better and suggest you try the Level by FluidStance, now available for order.

The Level is like a skateboard for your desk.

Made in California, the board’s about two feet long, weighs around seven pounds and is constructed from recycled aluminum and three-ply bamboo.

No electricity. No noise. And it’s shaped to allow you the same range of movement along the anatomical planes of human movement.

So it gives you the benefits of walking without the actual walking.

Shifting your weight on this plank is consistent with the exact heel and toe angles of perambulation, but with an added balancing element that engages your core muscles.

You can also twist and stretch while you’re moving, improving your flexibility and circulation.

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We’re taking a stand.

You should, too.

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