How to Cheat the Valet System

Hello, best parking spots in town.

By The Editors
December 2, 2014 9:00 am

Parking your car in L.A. is like finding refuge in the Fire Swamp, except the Rodents of Unusual Size are known as “valets” and always change your f*ckin’ radio station.

Helping you escape the madness: Luxe Valet, an app that sends valets to wherever you may be, taking signups now.

Luxe comes to us from San Francisco — a strange, granola-fed land also known for dire parking conditions.

You give them your keys and they take your car to one of their lots.

And for a little extra, they’ll fill your tank and tidy things up a bit.

Then when you’re ready, press the button on your phone, and through the wonders of geolocating they’ll bring your car to wherever you are.

Their initial rollout will be on the Westside, with other hoods to follow. Just sign up and they’ll let you know when it’s happening. 

The max you’ll pay is $15 — a little more than a traditional valet, but with infinitely more flexibility and service.

It’s a walk in the parking lot.

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