Sleep6 Is In the Business of Quality Zzzs

A better, cheaper, more comfortable bed-in-a-box

By The Editors
January 21, 2016 9:00 am

The Bedding Experts: Where dreeeams cooome true!™

Also where hidden markups, spousal bickering and permanent backaches come true.

What you really need: Sleep6, the new Chicago-based better sleep company selling high-end mattresses without the hassle and highway-robbery pricing, online now.

Founded by Robert Taglianetti, an old hand in the mattress industry (going on 25 years), Sleep6 is all about busting up the mattress racket.

“[Buying a mattreess] just became very confusing,” says Taglianetti. “There are many areas in Chicago with four to five mattress stores on the same block, all selling the same product. That creates a shopping frenzy with all those brands,” he adds. “It becomes a very sales-driven market.”

Sleep6’s market? Anyone hurtin’ for some quality zzzs.

You’re looking at a hotel-quality rig, made right here in the U.S. of A., and built, produced and shipped on the day you order. The secret ingredients: Sleep6’s “CoolFlow” memory foam (90% more open, regulates temperature) and a ResponseGel that absorbs movement and minimizes weight transfer.

And since they manufacture everything in house, they manage to keep the overhead low (read: prices low).

Best part? You get 100 nights to test it out before making a decision.

So … yeah, better sleep on it.

Nota bene: If you want to try a Sleep6 in-person, you may do so at every dad’s favorite appliance store, Abt Electronics out in Glenview.

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