The Sneaker That’ll Help You Conquer Summer

Meyvn and Victory team up on a pair of retro beauts

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The Sneaker That’ll Help You Conquer Summer
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06 May 2016

Summer belongs to the sneaker.

And if you’re the kind of gentledude who likes low-key style with a hint of uptown flair, you belong in a handmade pair from Victory Sportswear.

The brand just dropped an exclusive collection of retro beauties with Meyvn, the Logan Square shop in the business of stocking the best menswear labels you’ve never heard of.

Yes, these Victory joints remind you of New Balances. Yes, they look like any old running shoe.

But not “any” old running shoe gets vetted by some of the best in the business (see here and here).

Here’s why:

Superior construction. Victory got its start in the ‘80s making bespoke running shoes for marathon runners. The sneaks are hand-lasted and individually stitched, with cushy insoles and a replaceable sole.

Also of note: unlike basically every sneaker brand out there, Victory makes all of their sneakers in the U.S. of A., over at their Massachusetts factory.

And in your correspondent’s opinion, they’re how a casual running shoe should look. Minimal branding. Muted color palette. A streamlined silhouette that’ll pair with absolutely everything.

You’ll wanna visit Meyvn for the exclusive, where they’re offering a mesh version, as well as a decidedly more luxurious all-suede number (pictured above). Four colors in all.

To the victor? Yeah, the spoils.

The Specifics

Mevyn x Victory

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