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Duly Boated

The Elite: It’s a damn gorgeous private yacht

  • 24 July 2014

One day, Chicago, God (and aldermen) willing, we may yet board that boozy Shangri-La called Breakwater.

But until then, we’ve got The Chicago Elite — a just-launched, fully customizable private charter that cruises our grand ol’ shoreline, now departing from Navy Pier.

A 115-foot-long vessel boasting a cocktail lounge bedecked in leather, the Elite sports an enclosed main deck dining room and enough space to hold 150 guests comfortably.

Also: three bars over three decks, including two open air outer decks and a patio skydeck offering wraparound views.

So, ideal for corporate events. Entertaining clients. Or better yet, not entertaining clients.

Because everything’s custom no matter who you bring aboard.

From the pier, you’ll chart your own course along the lakefront — north to the John Hancock, south to the Planetarium or just anchor down right in the middle of the lake.

Skyline views, either way.

Those never get old.

The Specifics

Chicago Elite Yacht

Departs from Navy Pier
(866) 391-8439
More info here

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