The Chicago Design Museum Market Is Holiday Gifting Xanadu

Home goods, calendars and Cards Against Humanity’s first shop

December 11, 2017 9:00 am

They say money can’t buy taste.

But money — spent sensibly, and at the right place — can buy well-crafted, thoughtful things.

Aka gifts like they’ve never seen before.

You’ll find these gifts at the Chicago Design Museum Market, a collection of five rotating pop-up shops — including Cards Against Humanity’s first offline store — curated by the folks at the Chicago Design Museum.

It’s located on the third floor of Block 37. And while you’re up there, you might as well check out the Chicago Design Museum, whose current exhibition covers games in modern culture.

As for the market, we spoke with CDM founder Tanner Woodford to get a full report, along with his picks for the gifts that’ll help you wrap up your shopping list.

Photo: Brent Knepper
For the Eco-Friendly Foodie: Bike a Bee Local Honey
From the Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop

“The Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop is the card game company’s first offline store. In addition to selling the iconic party game for horrible people, the shop also features a curated selection of products made by Chicagoans. A jar of Bike a Bee honey from Chicagoan Jana Kinsman is a perfect gift for the sustainable person in your life. Bike a Bee cares for 30+ hives at gardens and farms on the city’s South Side by bicycle, and provides hives to community gardens that serve as educational tools and public examples of the magic of pollinators.”

For the One Who Has It All: 2018 Today Calendar
By Matthew Hoffman | From the You Are Beautiful Store

“This store features all every single You Are Beautiful product, including, of course, the little metallic sticker that started it all. The 2018 daily calendar is perfect for almost anyone, and features 365 aspirational and humorous thoughts on tear-off pages. There’s nothing quite like watching the year tick away as the stack gets shorter. It’s small, only about four inches tall, and fits perfectly on a desk, or even next to your toothbrush. Each calendar is made entirely in Chicago.”

For the Eccentric Gardener: Chair Planter 
By Chris Mantz | From The Colossal Shop

“The Colossal Shop is full of fun things for creative people, and features well-designed, thoughtful and surprising objects that will make you laugh, raise your eyebrows, smile, take a break, put on your thinking cap or spark an idea — maybe all at once! The Chair Planter is the epitome of this store, and the perfect gift for the eccentric gardener in your life. In addition to looking incredible on the shelf with a modern, chair-like design, the square base of the planter has considerably more room for the plant’s roots. Cute and functional!”

For the Home Chef: Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0
By Strand Desing | From the Fourneau Bread Oven Store

“The Fourneau Bread Oven is a patent-pending, cast-iron bakeware device that will help you make artisan quality bread in your home oven. Each kit comes with the Fourneau, a cast-iron removable handle, a baking tray and silicone baking mat, and a detailed instruction and recipe guide. This oven makes the best bread ever. It was funded on Kickstarter, and designed and made by Strand Design in Chicago.”

For the Young (at Heart): Ninjatown Pocket Ninjas 
By Shawn Smith | From the Shawnimals Store

“The Shawnimals store features art and design by Shawn Smith. The Ninjatown Pocket Ninja is considerably smaller than the regular Wee Ninja, making him a pint-sized master of stealth. Some say he was born to give stealth hugs to small mammals and snatch candy from your pockets. Beware his obscene level of cute! This plush is a collaboration between Shawnimals and Kidrobot, and is the only possible gift for both the young and the young at heart.”

Main Photo: Geoff Adler

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