The Most Stylish Commuter Bike Ever Crafted

It's a Chicago-S.F. mash-up dream team

February 15, 2017 9:00 am

Chicago and San Francisco: not exactly one of the great American rivalries. 

So let’s leave the d*ck-measuring to L.A. and New York, and work together instead. 

Like this fine collaboration between a top Bay Area clothier and Chicago’s premier producer of bicycles. 

Whether you commute along the Embarcadero or Lake Shore Drive, you’re going to want to see this next-level commuter bike. 

dash bike (5 images)

It’s actually the brainchild of three separate parties: 

1: Taylor Stitch, provider of necessary jackets. We have a bunch. They can make a shirt, but not a bike — which is why they reached out to….

2: Santa Barbara-based framemaker Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks to collaborate on the design. If you love beautifully crafted bikes, you already know his name. With Stinner on board, the team then went to….

3: Chicago’s own Heritage Bicycles, renowned manufacturer of Made-in-the-U.S.A. bikes. 

The result of this S.F.-Santa Barbara-Chicago cross-cultural project is the Dash, engineered for a seamless commute. What’s that mean, practically speaking? “Fatter tires for rough streets, a timeless silhouette, stealth styling, and a utilitarian 2-speed automatic coaster brake drivetrain.” 

And it looks awfully sleek. 

The Dash is now available for pre-order. Believe us when we say you want to get in right now. These will not last

And right after you order your gorgeous new bike: Why not take a gander at Taylor Stitch’s complementary clothing collection, tailor made for commuters? 

It’s called CIVIC, and it’s made from three special fabrics: MerinoPerform, Merino 4S, and Mercerized Merino.

What’s that mean for us? 

Basically, you’ll be fresh as a spring daisy even after a sweaty ride. Our favorite is the Commuter Jacket in black, crafted from rain-, wind-, and water-repellant MerinoPerform.

Unless you’re working from a swim-up bar, this is as good as anybody’s commute is going to get.  

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