Vehicles | October 13, 2016 9:00 am

Pull Just About Anything With This Modular Multi-Trailer

Great for hauling a--, and so much more

Idaho has lots of land to explore. And the father-son team behind UGOAT, a new type of multi-trailer, is ready to get out there.

Both guys are ex-Marines, and they know a thing or two about bringing the essentials into the wilderness. Their UGOAT (utility-go anywhere trailer) is sort of a modular rig, with enough space in the bed to haul an ATV, which could also be used to pull the trailer when you hit the limit with your car.

That trailer bed can also be configured as a tiered shelving system. The roofrack can handle a raft, or several mountain bikes, and its reinforced steel supports enable you to add a four-person Tepui roof tent and portico.  

Near the hitch in the front, there’s plenty of room for a propane tank along with a custom cooler.

Naturally, it comes in black and marine green. And at $15,000 it’s a hell of a bargain.