Vehicles | November 16, 2017 9:00 am

When a Porsche 964 Cuts Fat and Adds Muscle, You Get This

Turns out it IS easy being green

We fancy their work on limited-edition watches.

We enjoy their efforts on limited-edition engines.

But what we really love from Singer are the labors of love that are their limited-edition 911s.

We’d wager hardcore Porsche fan Scott Blattner is also rather infatuated with Singer Vehicle Design as he was the recipient of an enhanced 1990 Porsche 964 that was created after the California-based restorer completed a “Dynamics and Lightweighting Study” (DLS) that was undertaken in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering.

Tasked with making the 964 more powerful but also cutting its weight, Singer and Williams came up with an aerodynamic underbody made from magnesium, titanium, carbon fiber and other lightweight components. The result is a vehicle with a final curb weight of only 2,180 pounds.

For power, the team turned to a naturally aspirated air-cooled flat-six that packs 500 ponies and purrs like a kitten. To complement the custom four-liter piece, Singer and Williams installed a six-speed transmission along with Michelin-made sport tires and 18-inch magnesium wheels.

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“On a technical level, the study has been fascinating and has resulted in an incredible restoration with the benefit of top drawer resources and modern science,” said Singer founder Rob Dickinson. “Artistically it has been a second chance to connect with the machine on a new level.”

Dickinson and his cohorts at Williams were so pleased with the absinthe-hued build they created for Blattner that they plan to produce 74 more of ‘em in Oxfordshire, England.