Vehicles | December 8, 2016 9:00 am

Donkervoort’s New Roadster Is So Dutch It Should Come With Clogs

Limited in edition, not in speed

Sometimes supercars — like the men who drive them — try a little too hard to look cool. Edgy. Muscular.

Leave it to Holland to deliver some much needed quirk.

The Netherland’s premier sports car makers, Donkervoort, just pulled back the curtain on their latest D8 sports car, the GTO-RS. Playful but potent, the model packs an Audi turbocharged five-cylinder engine that jets from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds.

And Donkervoort tweaked the downforce on the D8 GTO-RS so it now pushes 50 kg on the front axle and 50 kg on the rear. And while that shape might look whimsical, its got a function: the air resistance has been reduced by 20 percent from earlier models for added zippiness.  

Other new touchpoints include a fully adjustable ABS and traction control systems and a revamped suspension system and automatic double-clutching spec. In total, 65 makes will ship with 40 standard models, 15 Bare Naked Carbon Editions and 10 D8 GTO-RS Race Editions with a very attractive non-street-legal sequential transmission integrated.

If you’re thinking of footing the $161,040 one will run you, be warned that they will only be produced in left-hand drive.

via Carscoops