Vehicles | January 9, 2018 9:00 am

Your Vote Could Help This Retro All-Electric Roadster Go Into Production

Jannarelly is looking to drum up demand for the Design-X1

January marks a time for testing out new resolutions and, if your name is Anthony Jannarelly, new roadsters. 

To celebrate the New Year, the auto designer took an informal poll about whether fans of his $84,000 Design-1 roadster would be interested in an all-electric version of the model. In what should come as no surprise, the answer was yes.

Tentatively titled the Design-X1, the proposed 304-HP electric roadster has been met with “amazing” feedback according to the Dubai-based marque but has not been greenlit for production. If it ever sees the production line, the Design-X1 would be similar to its predecessor in looks, though the new model will have an extra fin, only one seat and no visible exhaust system.

One area where the Design-X1 will be vastly different is cost. Jannarelly said to expect a price between $200,000 and $300,000, according to Motor Authority. He also noted that should the Design-X1 ever go into production, the model will be limited to a run of just 11 models.

For a more detailed look at what the Design-X1 might look like, check the Instagram gallery below.

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