The 8 Best Airbnbs With Hot Tubs

From wood-fired Maine cedar hot tubs to jacuzzis in Joshua Tree

airbnb big sky montana
The view from a hot tub in Big Sky, Montana — which is conveniently listed on Airbnb
By Tanner Garrity / November 26, 2019 9:00 am

Hot tubs are quad-seasonal.

We feel very strongly about this.

Yes, they’re memory-making machines come verdant months, perfect to pair with a couple cold ones once the heat breaks at night. But they hold up in transitional weather, too, and are undisputed kings of winter. Jacuzzis mend skiing bruises like nobody’s business, and getting snowed on while taking a heated dip is stupid fun. 

Only problem? If you don’t own a hot tub, you either gotta become excessively clingy with your pal who does, or just wait until the next time you hit a hotel … and fight over the jets with a coupla sixth graders wearing goggles.

No. We knew there had to be a better way. Which is why we rounded up a slew of Airbnbs with private hot tubs. Wood-fire cedar models, jacuzzis in the desert, patio jobs under the stars … it’s all here. 

Below, seven of our domestic favorites, plus one in Northern Iceland, because why the hell not. 

Maine Tree Dwelling
Georgetown, ME

Joshua Tree House
Joshua Tree, CA

Vermont Tree Cabin
Newport, VT

Fredericksburg Barn
Fredericksburg, TX

Holloway Cabin
Buena Vista, CO

New Mexico Casita
San Miguel, NM

North Iceland Villa
Akureyri, Iceland

Hideout Nature Lodge
Big Sky, Montana

Originally published November 16, 2019. All images from Airbnb.