Travel | September 7, 2018 9:00 am

The 10 Best Airbnbs for College Football Purists

From Death Valley to the Big House

College football is sensory overload, in the best way possible.

It’s the songbook of marching band themes your subconscious somehow has memorized, the student section (those who made it into the stadium, at least) standing and chanting and chomping for the entire game, the HOF-worthy College Gameday signs and the rush-the-field-worthy upsets.

We watch it not just for the game, but for the traditions, those strange rules and rituals of each local tribe, which remind us of a time that a tailgating spot was sacred, and trying to pass off a navy shirt at a blackout was treason.

To re-enter that world, if even just for a weekend, we’ve rounded up 10 superior Airbnbs a pigskin’s toss from college football stadiums around the nation. Some in support of the game’s most iconic teams, others nearby teams primed for a run at the College Football Playoff this very year. All include many beds, and enough space to either throw a ball around on the grass, or or toss back a couple beers on the patio.

Oh, and we’ve included a must-catch game for each. Find a weekend that works and send it. Go team.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Can’t-Miss Contest: LSU, 11/9

Clemson, SC
Can’t-Miss Contest: Florida State, 10/12

Athens, GA
Can’t-Miss Contest: Notre Dame, 9/21

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Can’t-Miss Contest: Ohio State, 11/30

Notre Dame
South Bend, IN
Can’t-Miss Contest: USC, 10/12

Ohio State
Columbus, OH
Can’t-Miss Contest: Penn State, 11/23

Eugene, OR
Can’t-Miss Contest: Washington State, 10/26

Palo Alto, CA
Can’t-Miss Contest: Arizona, 10/26

Seattle, WA
Can’t-Miss Contest: Utah, 11/2

Madison, WI
Can’t-Miss Contest: Purdue, 11/23