Travel | July 5, 2017 9:00 am

The World’s First Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub Is Now Accepting Bathers

Row, row, row your hot tub ...

This is a thing we need to do this summer: HotTug, a floatable, rentable Jacuzzi-style apparatus with seating for up to seven. Currently in crowdfunding phase, this invention has already exceeded its goal and has launch party plans penciled in for later this month. 

Rent it out and you, plus your six nearest/dearest, can float in the 100-degree water of a hot tub as it powers along Regents Canal in London for 90 minutes. At about $250, that’s under $40 a person. That’s basically the cost of a movie ticket these days. 

hottug (4 images)

The HotTug was handcrafted by Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn and spotted by two entrepreneurs who endeavored to bring it to London. Licenses, they say, are in place — which means that as soon as the crowdfunding campaign concludes next week, supporters will be able to book open slots in HotTug’s schedule, with trips commencing in mid-July. 

Get in now while the getting is good, we say.