David Bowie’s Ridiculous Caribbean Villa Is Accepting Visitors

From the first time he stepped on stage to the last time he departed one, David Bowie had a certain mystique.

He also had a certain villa in Mustique — and now you can rent it.

Built for Bowie in the 1980s by architects Arne Hasslqvist and Robert Litwiller, the west-facing home sits on one of the tallest hilltops on the island and offers first-rate views of Britannia Bay.

An eclectic mix of Balinese and Caribbean influences, Bowie’s seven-bedroom Mandalay property is centered around a two-tiered pool and surrounded by lush gardens, waterfalls and a koi pond.

The villa — which also features billiard tables, pinball machines, arcade games and dart boards as well as a recording studio and access to a catamaran — is full of surprises. As its previous owner once said: “You can go eight days and find a different place each day.”

He sold the place to poet Felix Dennis (who added a writer’s cottage) in 1994 and it wound up on the rental market last summer with a $40,000/week price tag after it was purchased by an undisclosed buyer.

The rental includes a staff of eight and the home has enough space to accommodate 14 guests.

Nice place to visit during your golden years.