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This Cabo Hotel Is an Architectural Dream Worth the Flight

Come for the beach, stay for the room-sized shower

Living room at Viceroy Los Cabos
Living room at Viceroy Los Cabos
Viceroy Los Cabos

You’ll still find plenty of tequila shots and string bikinis in Cabo San Lucas, but head a little ways out, toward San Jose del Cabo, and things get a little more grown up, and a little more luxurious. Out this way lies one of the most celebrated architectural gems in the entire area, the Viceroy Los Cabos. More than just another luxury hotel, this guesthouse is a destination for celebrities and big spenders — due to a bevy of private villas, complete with their own plunge pools — and a sense of seclusion that pervades the entire hotel. 

If you’re yearning for a Mexican vacation on the peninsula, read on for the other amenities that make this one of the more transformative visits in all of Cabo.

The Architecture

Constructed by celebrated Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragonés, the property transitioned from Hotel Mar Adentro and joined the Viceroy portfolio in 2018. Since then, the hotel group has meticulously built out the property’s on-site dining (with four completely separate options), as well as the elaborate gym and spa, private villas complete with their own pools, and a series of shallow pools (espejos de agua or, literally, “water mirrors”) that offset the sleek white architecture. Even though those pools are mostly for decoration, the property’s several inlaid swimming pools are butted up against them, making the water feel even more expensive when you’re in it. And the fact that all of these areas have ocean views as well? That’s a cherry on top.

Dalia Bar at Viceroy Los Cabos
The Dalia Bar at Viceroy Los Cabos
Viceroy Los Cabos

The Restaurants

There’s very little reason to spend time inside when you’re in a destination like Cabo, where the weather is bright and sunny for the bulk of the year. That’s why most of the restaurants on-site at the Viceroy are all outdoors, although none channel the bright, comforting feel of a garden more than the newest addition, Dalia. Near the entrance of the hotel, this restaurant is open to the public, but works best as a late-in-the-stay splurge for guests. With a Mediterranean take on Baja cuisine, this elevated terrace brings the Amalfi Coast to the Sea of Cortés. 

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But Dalia is just the newest of the restaurants on this Viceroy campus. Nido is a robatayaki, or a Japanese  concept offering tableside grilling, sushi, sashimi and a delightful mix of surf and turf. Housed under a woven, nest-like structure, this is about the closest to indoor dining there is aside from room service. There’s also the signature rooftop spot, Cielomar, which serves a good mix of classics out of a wood-fired oven, including pizza, the fresh catch of the day and grilled meats. This is also the place to get into some tequila or mezcal, as the club vibes and the music pick up later in the evening. Finally, breakfast and lunch is served every day at Casero, a “homestyle mesa” with hearty Mexican morning dishes like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles. The sheer variety of dining options means that even guests staying for longer than a weekend will have choices throughout their stay.

Spa at Viceroy Los Cabos
The spa at Viceroy Los Cabos
Viceroy Los Cabos

The Spa

Plenty of beachfront properties double down on the relaxation vibes with massages right on the sand, or treatments that play up sex appeal — and that’s all well and good. Viceroy, however, has gone a totally different route, by digging deep into the ancient herbal remedies of the local culture and bringing those practices into use at the property. If you do book a treatment, get there an hour or more before the appointment time to run through the circuit of saunas and soaking pools that are on deck within the spa’s steamy enclave.

If you have the energy, check out the top-of-the-line gym, curated by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, just a few minutes away from the spa. Plenty of fitness equipment, cardio machines and group classes are available, though an easy yoga session focused on breathing might be the perfect complement to the spa.

The Hotel Suites

The sleek, all-white theme of the hotel continues into the serene suites, where floor-to-ceiling glass panes let in tons of light and a prime view off the Cabo coastline. So prime, in fact, that you might want to ensure the automated screens are closed during your more, uh, intimate moments — the views go both ways. A series of interactive screens can get guests in touch with most of the amenities on the property, or stream TV and movies before bed. The real crown jewel in these suites, though, is the enormous, room-sized shower — complete with soaking tub — equipped with two shower heads and enough space for guests to enjoy both at the same time, if desired. Even after touring the private villas and houses available for rental and purchase, the luxurious showers in the standard hotel suites still held their own.