TV | November 3, 2017 1:25 pm

‘Stranger Things 2’ Scores More Than 15 Million Viewers in Just Three Days

More than 360,000 people watched the entire second season within 24 hours of its release.

Stranger Things 2 may have only dropped last week, but the show has already pulled millions of viewers into the Upside Down. According to new data from Nielsen, each episode of the new season drew more than 4 million viewers per episode, reports Variety

Episode one of the hit show’s second season averaged 15.8 million viewers—with 11 million of those within the “key demographic” of 18-49 year olds—within the first three days. And there were definitely some “don’t leave the house till its over” binge watchers, with 361,000 people watching all nine episodes of the season within the first 24 hours of its release.

In general, Nielsen numbers show that the season averaged 8.8 million viewers per episode. It seems like it was hard to watch just one at a time, since engagement numbers show most people watched roughly three episodes’s worth at a sitting. And those who did watch wanted to talk about it; Variety reports that there were 7.2 million social interactions on Facebook and Twitter about Stranger Things during the first three days of its release.

Numbers do show audiences dropping off over the course of the show. “Chapter One” averaged 15.8 million viewers while the final episode, “Chapter Nine” averaged 4.6 million viewers (though people could still be working there way through watching the whole season).

Nielsen recently announced new efforts to measure TV-show audiences of select subscription video-on-demand services, but Netflix announced soon after that they would not be participating in the new service.