Style | October 30, 2017 9:00 am

The North Face’s New Collection Is a Love Letter to the Urban Explorer

Stylish parkas. Cashmere. And lots of Italian leather.

As one of the top names in outdoor gear, The North Face prides itself on outfitting real-deal adventurers (like the only guy to ever free solo El Capitan).

But for city denizens tromping through winter snow, the need for backwoods functionality is less important than not looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. In service of that, they recently introduced the Cryos collection.

Gore-Tex and down jackets, Italian-leather boots and cashmere accessories are the name of the game, with The North Face opting for a decidedly higher-end look, feel and price tag.

Which isn’t to say the $400 you’ll shell out for their “bitter chocolate brown” hikers is excessive — even the most seasoned mountaineer would gladly pull on those beauts for a day downtown. Buy make no make mistake: your uncle’s North Face, this is not.

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Take a gander at some of the other pieces above. Prices range from the $800 Cryos Expedition GTX Parka (an 800 fill, faux-fur trimmed, knee-length jacket) to the $100 Cashmere Ball Cap.