Style | May 13, 2021 12:40 pm

Review: These Are the Best Boxer Briefs for Warm Weather and Workouts

Keep your cool as your body heats up

Saxx Underwear
Saxx make the best underwear for warm temps

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There are problems in this world that only men will understand. Shaving in specific regions can pose a hazardous chore. Shrinkage is common. And all those adjustments we make throughout the day — the ones in which we’re practically doing splits — are a result of the male anatomy’s fickle relationship with humidity and hot weather.

Truth be told, we’ve learned to live with these problems over centuries of subjection, but Saxx is determined to provide relief with their new line of Hot Shot tech tees and boxer briefs. Featuring proprietary DropTemp fabric that maximizes breathability for lasting comfort, your body (and balls) can finally stay cool when things get hot.

Design and Materials

Saxx’s Hot Shot cooling underwear and tees are designed to regulate body temperature by boosting evaporation. Where cotton and heavy fabrics trap body heat, the Hot Shot line is made from polyester and a touch of elastane to enhance the body’s cooling capacity. Take a closer look at the translucent fabric, and you’ll actually see light passing through that illustrates just how breathable the design truly is. Plus, the underwear features flattened seams and our favorite Ballpark Pouch to boost comfort during exercise.


To see just how efficient the DropTemp fabric really was, I tested the underwear and tech tee on a 10K run. After a few miles in warm weather, my chest and back remained surprisingly cool and dry despite the obvious buildup of sweat. I gathered speed on downhill sprints, at which point air was passing through the shirt to boost circulation. You wouldn’t catch me running in a casual pair of boxer briefs because the fabric often lacks support and acts as a sponge, but the Hot Shot underwear remained supportive, positioned and comfortable. The BallPark Pouch discourages any signs of chafe or irritation, promoting natural gait as if I were sporting a pair of compression shorts. A post-workout cool-down consisted of dynamic stretches to evaluate elasticity, and fabrics faired well through quick movements. After throwing the Saxx apparel in the wash, everything returned clean and stretchy with no obvious signs of wear. Though the technical tee feels better-suited for hot days and workouts, I could easily don the underwear any day of the week for superior downstairs comfort.

What We Like

  • Technical fabrics. The underwear is incredibly comfortable and versatile thanks to its flexible, moisture-wicking blend of polyester and elastane. The tee is lightweight and durable to withstand constant wearing and washing.
  • Unique designs. Saxx is known for making apparel with original, eye-catching patterns that aren’t so black and white. Even if others won’t see your underwear, it’s still entertaining to pick up a pair that suits your personal style.
  • BallPark Pouch. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the BallPark Pouch is one of the greatest features to grace men’s underwear. There’s no better way to organize your equipment.

What We Don’t Like

Even a single pair of underwear from Saxx is a pricey purchase, especially if you’re used to buying underwear in a discounted pack. But the features are too good to pass up, and you can usually snag a pair for a serious discount. My only complaint is the lack of a fly on some models, but that’s not a dealbreaker (just something to get used to). Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the Hot Shot Boxer Brief, which does support a fly.

Should You Buy It?

I’d recommend the Hot Shot Tech Tee for anyone looking to beat the heat during a serious workout; it’s perfect under the right conditions. The Hot Shot Boxer Brief, on the other hand, is a must-have for men no matter the season. Buy one pair and pretty soon you’ll crave more.