Style | November 2, 2017 9:00 am

Remember James Bond’s Gadget Cars? This Is the Shoe Version.

Apparently Q has been moonlighting as a cobbler

From camera rings to laser watches to a rifle-equipped briefcase, the toys Q designed for James Bond never failed to impress.

Bond won’t be getting a pair, but the same can be said for the Q-inspired Secret Shoes, a pair of handcrafted Derbys containing up to three gadgets apiece, including a thumb-sized phone.

Created by U.K. shoemaker Oliver Sweeney, the bespoke shoes can be outfitted with six (of a possible 12) handy gizmos, including a mini Swiss Army knife, tracking device, flashlight, USB, compass, mini video camera and the aforementioned 20-gram Long-CZ phone. Hidden in compartments in the inner sole, the gadgets in the shoe take up enough space that they boost the wearer’s height by two inches. tThe laces are Kevlar.

Put together via a 70-stage process in Ancona, Italy, each Secret Shoe is crafted from red deer leather and then cut by hand after being selected by Sweeney Cobbler in Chief Tim Cooper.

Secret Shoes (3 images)

“We go to extraordinary lengths to source the very best materials from across the globe,” Cooper says. “Each hide is exceptional: reflecting the wild existence of the particular deer including nicks, stretch marks and tick bites.”

Available in black, brown and tan with your selection of up to six gadgets, the shoes will run you $2,600.

If you’re more inclined to be a happy-hour hero than a secret agent, perhaps Sweeney’s flask-equipped hikers are more your speed.