Style | August 17, 2017 5:00 am

Meet Brooklyn Beckham, the Son of Fashion Royalty

Progeny of David and Victoria Beckham is on cusp of his own big breakout.

Brooklyn Beckham, Fashion Icon in the Making
Brooklyn Beckham visits the Young Hollywood Studio on August 2, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images)

Fashion icons David and Victoria Beckham made the name “Brooklyn” cool long before the hipsters showed up in the New York City borough.

That’s what the soccer star and his Spice Girls veteran wife christened their eldest son, and at 18, he’s just starting to earn his own celebrity.

GQ wrote an in-depth profile about the young Beckham, who’s recently released a photo book, What I See, and is planning a move to New York City.

Maybe the most surprising revelation from the piece? Brooklyn has the sense of a style of an old fogey, wearing tweed and the clothing of early 20th century British gangsters. But he clearly has an eye for fashion, as both of his parents have excelled in that department throughout the years.

It turns out Beckham will be attending college in New York City, where he’ll be studying—you guessed it—photography. It’s unclear which college he’ll be attending, but Page Six reported last month that he was searching for an apartment in the city.

Where? One can only hope it’s in the Borough of Kings.

And if you were wondering what it was like having model parents, here’s maybe the most telling quote. “I do backstage photography at my mum’s shows, and I mean, I love doing it—but my mum’s like, ‘Go take pictures of the models!’ and I’m a bit shy,” he tells GQ.

“So I kind of have to get the first two out of the way, and then I’m used to it.”