Style | March 9, 2021 10:27 am

Deal: This Classic Patagonia Retro Fleece Is $50 Off

Grab the unique, durable fleece at a damn good discount

Deal: This Classic Patagonia Retro Fleece Is $50 Off
Urban Outfitters

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Retro Patagonias are having a moment. And by a moment I mean they’re reselling for insane, borderline obnoxious prices on reseller websites like Depop. But I guess you can’t knock the hustle, the retro fleeces are classic, much-desired outer layers featuring unique colorways and patterns you don’t often come by. Still, you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for used gear because you can cop your very own eye-catching Patagonia brand spanking new right now at a discount.

The outdoor brand’s Retro-X jacket is currently $50 off at Urban Outfitters in a very cool deep purple and blue colorway. The fleece features everything we love about Patagonia: a bonded windproof membrane, cozy sherpa fleece and lined with a moisture-wicking, breathable mesh. Plus the Y-Joint sleeves offer comfortable movement while the handy, zippered pockets keep belongings safe and secure.