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10 Thick, Juicy Sweaters to Get You Through the Winter

Bring on the chunk

10 Thick, Juicy Sweaters to Get You Through the Winter

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The abysmal depths of winter call for reinforcements, and we’re sure you already have a closet full of puffers, Patagonia quarter-zips, long-sleeve tees and sweaters at the ready. What your wardrobe is probably lacking, however, is a thick, juicy sweater.

Many of the sweaters you own have probably been marketed to you as slim-fitting, breathable and “warm without the bulk.” That’s all fine — it’s good to have warm layers you can, in fact, layer without passing out from heat exhaustion. But if we’re being honest, they’re a little weak. Old Man Winter will take one look at your lightweight, breathable cashmere-blend and laugh in your face. Is that what you want? Winter calling you a bitch?

A bulky sweater should be one of the main characters in your winter wardrobe. They recall cozy ski lodges, drinking hot toddies next to a roaring fire, and they even caused an internet meltdown after a hunky Chris Evans sported a chunky cable-knit sweater in the film “Knives Out” (you can purchase Evans’ sweater here.)

So if you’re willing to take the thick, juicy leap, below are ten sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans that’d give even Taylor Swift a run for her money.


Topman Turtleneck Waffle Knit Sweater

This turtleneck sweater is described as “dapper,” and I’d have to agree. The textured waffle-knit layer from British menswear brand Topman is offering cozy bulk in sharp, neat, affordable fashion.


Far Afiend Tanner Rib Wool Knit

Another “jumper” from our friends across the pond, this time from family-owned British menswear brand Far Afiend. I trust the Brits to construct a fine layer to keep out the cold, and this traditional chunky fisherman’s sweater in a gorgeous deep green should get the job done with its heavyweight wool and polyester blend.


L.L.Bean Men’s Cotton Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

You can’t read a roundup of thicc, juicy sweaters and not expect to see a few fisherman sweaters. This one from L.L. Bean features an eye-catching colorblock and is made from an ultra comfy 100% premium cotton — a good choice for those more itch-prone.

Marine Layer

Marine Layer Maurice Cardigan in Soot

A chunky cardigan that’s garter-stitched for softness and a unique-looking texture. Crafted from extra-warm Merino wool sourced from sheep in Spain plus a lil’ bit of Alpaca for extra softness, you better hide this one from your grandpa.

Todd Snyder

L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder Pullover Sweater In Colorblock Navy

Admittedly not the chunkiest on the menu but it’s got the chunky spirit. From L.L. Bean and Todd Snyder’s highly coveted collab. This pullover sweater is made from a sexy blend of merino wool and cashmere and features a super dope navy colorblock. A more tailored fit but one that still offers a bounty of warmth and coziness.


Outerknown Fisherman Sweater

A fisherman sweater in its most classic form, this style from sustainable surfer brand Outerknown is a perfect option if you’re looking for a chunky basic to add to your winter sartorial closet. This fisherman is made from natural, renewable Merino wool and organic cotton and includes slits at the side seam of the rib for a more breathable, laidback look.


Schott Men’s Motif Cardigan

Knit from a thicc blend of cotton, polyester and yak wool, this cardigan dons a vintage Western pattern, a soft shawl collar and two drop-in hand pockets to keep those fingers cozy as well.


Faherty Lofty Cashmere Blend Crew

Possibly the softest and lightest piece of knitwear in Faherty’s arsenal, this super-soft crewneck sweater is a slimmer option and made from a sustainable cashmere-merino blend.

Mr. Porter

Kingsman Slim-Fit Striped-Trimmed Wool and Cashmere-Blend Rollneck Sweater

One of the thickest boys in the bunch, this stripe-trimmed wool and cashmere-blend rollneck has been spun in Scotland — the motherland of fine wool and top-notch cashmere mills. It’s designed to “fit slim,” but one look and you know he’s delivering a chunk-full of warmth.

Mr. Porter

Brioni Shawl-Collar Belted Ribbed Wool and Cashmere-Blend Cardigan

This cardigan from Bironi is inspired by smoking jackets and it’s a luxury piece of chunky loungewear you won’t wanna take off. The blend of wool and cashemere delivers soft warmth and so much thick, juicy class.

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