Style | April 11, 2019 7:20 am

Corridor Founder Dan Snyder Names His 7 Men’s Essentials

Be nice, hem your pants and carry on


The age-old dilemma of “What should I wear?” doesn’t only apply to black-tie affairs.

Maybe you’re headed to brunch. Or a baseball game. Or just a stroll in the newfound sunshine.

Whatever the casual occasion, the new Corridor store has you covered.

The collection is Northeastern prep, but with modern sensibilities. Solid fit, high quality and subtle on the branding. The store is big, bright, comfortable and also stocks the full line from founder and designer Dan Snyder’s companion resort-wear line, Sunshine Blues, as well as a handpicked assortment of goods from some of his favorite brands.

Corridor founder Dan Snyder

To celebrate the new Nolita locale, we tapped Snyder to offer up the seven essentials every fella ought to have — and the seven that should be permanently 86’ed.

Seven to Cop …

Bodega Coffee. “Get yourself a bodega coffee, because your coffee experience doesn’t last more than five minutes anyway. Free yourself of guilt-flavored $5 lattes and keep it moving with a bodega coffee.”

Overshirts. “It’s time to get on the overshirt train. Listen, it’s casual — there are pockets for your sh*t and both hands and you can wear them over a T-shirt and still look great. So, get yourself an overshirt.”

Big F*cking Cast Iron Frying Pans. “I may live in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn but that shouldn’t stop me from feeling like Paul Bunyon frying pancakes in a gloriously thick-bottomed frying pan. You can make everything in them, and they are deeply satisfying to use.”

Carpets. “Generally. Listen, go buy carpets. Buy them from Ikea, or from that guy your uncle knows because carpets are so beautiful and add so much life and love to your apartment and life. So, just buy them and give them away. Buy carpets. You need carpets.”

Comfortable Shoes. “Maybe this is too obvious — I don’t know — but if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes you need to stop it right now. You’re going to get stressed out and wrinkle prematurely otherwise.”

Cologne. “This feels like a dirty word, but go find something that feels like you and it will make you happy and probably the people around you. Be very, very careful and try a lot before committing to becoming that scent, because that’s what will happen. That scent will become you and people will associate you and your handsome face with that specific spicy fragrance which I think is pretty cool. I like Byredo and DS Durga.”

Going to the beach in New York. “I think that going to the beach in NYC is really underrated. The beaches at Rockaway and Ft. Tilden are super good and very fun. You can get there by subway, bike, car or ferry, but not trolley (yet).”

Corridor’s Sunshine Blues Lookbook

Seven to drop …

Not being nice. “Be nice, ok? Be nice to the barista. Be nice to your waiter and wave thank you in your car even when you don’t have to because that’s your karma and it will come back to you.”

Taking too many drugs and getting drunk. “Everything in moderation, including moderation, but like, be careful out there and don’t fry your noodle.”

Digital hoarding. “Dude, close your tabs. Your computer is going to explode and you’re never going to read that article about the geopolitics of the South China Seas.”

Checking your phone at meals with friends/movies. “Turn that sh*t off. If it buzzes, you’re going to look at it. You’re only human, so turn it off so there are no buzzes, beeps or boops.”

Saying no to fear. “Trust your gut because your gut knows.”

Saying no. “Say yes and you’ll have more fun, even if you’re tired.”

Not hemming your pants properly. “Please hem your pants to flatter your legs and lengthen the lifetime of your trousers.”