Sports | July 21, 2016 5:00 am

Daredevil Bikes Across Rooftops in the Canary Islands

Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill is literally taking his sport to a new level: rooftops. Swiping a page from free-running, or parkour, the 30-year-old MacAskill rides his bike from rooftop to rooftop, testing his dexterity and control. Recently, the rider filmed a video across the sunkissed roofs of Las Palmas, a city in Spain’s Canary Islands. Here’s the Scotsman on his heart-stopping video:

“The rooftop video I knew would be fairly high risk, but I have been riding trial for the last 18 years and you obviously start small, at curb height, with small obstacles and improving your skills to gradually move up on higher and higher walls. Then basically I tried to find riding in Las Palmas that was probably up to 80 percent of the difficulty level I could do low down. In the video, I am often riding on three or four story drops to my side but I am completely comfortable while I am up there.”

Watch MacAskill in action in the video below. Read more from him here.