Shoes | July 26, 2022 12:51 pm

The 15 Best Slip-Ons for Men to Take You Through the Rest of Summer

You have to wear shoes, but it's too hot for laces. We've got you covered.

a collage of footwear on a yellow-orange-red gradient background
It's officially slip-on season.
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Okay, tough guy. We see you lacing up those Converse, but consider this: Do you really want to commit to a day of sweaty feet? In this heat wave? We didn’t think so. Deep in the throughs of the dog days of summer, we’ll just come right out and say it: it is simply too damn hot for brogues, boots or even you $800 Balenciaga kicks. So bite the bullet, whip out the Crocs and admit it — the time for slip-on shoes is now.

Despite their status as a lazy, informal footwear style (a sentiment that we fully disagree with), slip-ons have a ton of benefits, especially in blazing hot weather. Easy-on and breathable, they also travel exceptionally well, whether the destination is Bali or the bodega.

The best part? Your choices are endless. Leather slip-ons and huarache sandals play nicely with linen formalwear, while foam slides and water shoes provide some much need comfort. There are boat shoes and loafers, clogs and espadrilles. Hell, there are even slip-on sneakers (remember Vans?) to keep you looking sharp when the temps spike.

As an anti-laces publication, we’ve decided to help you on your journey to free the foot by rounding up a variety of slip-on styles for your perusal. From Crocs to Our Legacy, there’s a shoe for everyone, in a bevy of styles and across a medley of price points. Wear them to the beach, wear them to the office, just save your poor feet the hassle and invest in a pair today.

A singular black Croc clog on a yellow-orange gradient background

The Best Overall Slip-On: Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs may not be the sexiest shoe out there, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint, they’re the unequivocal slip-on champion, especially when it comes to sultry summer days. Their ultralight outer is perforated for increased airflow, and the foam sole is springy, even after a full day at the pool. If you can find us another shoe that ticks all the summer slip-on requirements and costs a measly $35, we’re all ears. But until then, we’re sticking with Crocs.

a model wearing a pair of light leather Nisolo hurrache sandals

The Best Huaraches: Nisolo Huarache Sandal

The huarache style has wormed its way onto men’s feet in recent summers, and for good reason: the leather strapped style looks more dressed up than a sneaker or open-toed sandal, but is still cool enough to beat the heat. Nisolo’s attempt gets everything right: a sustainably derived construction, handwoven design, water-resistant leather and loads of class.


The Best Slip-On Sneakers: Sperry Striper II

You’d think that Vans would be a shoe-in for the InsideHook’s coveted slip-on sneakers award, but we actually find the Sperry Striper II to be more forgiving in brutal summer weather. We’ll chalk it up to the saltwashed twill upper, which can take quite a beating for its relative breathability.

a navy blue Sebago boat shoe on a yellow-orange gradient background

The Best Boat Shoe: Sebago Rossisland Jib Shadow

Yes, technically boat shoes do have laces, but for the sake of practicality and the unmatched versatility of the style, we’ll let it slide. As far as our top pick goes, we have to highlight the Sebago Rossisland. Modeled after archival ’70s styles, the hand-sewn leather shoe features a canoe moc construction that we can’t get enough off.

a pair of brown suede Birkenstock Boston clogs on a yellow-orange gradient background
Mr Porter/Fotograzia

The Best On-Trend Slip-On: Birkenstock Boston Suede Clog

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, Twitter or TikTok recently, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the Birkenstock Boston crop up on the feet of influencers and style gurus alike. The German clog style has caught fire in recent months and makes for a decidedly excellent (although admirable less breathable) slip-on for all your summer ‘fits. If you’re looking to level-up your summer style, this is your shoe — just avoid the thick leather styles if you want to stay cool.

More Slip-On Styles We Love:

a pair of black OOFOS slides on a yellow-orange gradient background

OOFOS OOahh Recovery Slide

a pair of pink Cariuma slip on sneakers on a grey background

Cariuma Knit Slip-On Sneaker

a tan leather boat shoe from L.L. Bean on a yellow-orange gradient background
L.L. Bean/Fotograzia

L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Mocs

a pair of white marbled Merrell Hydro Mocs on a yellow-orange gradient background

Merrell Hydro Moc Slip-On Water Shoe

a pair of woven crepe loafers from G.H. Bass on a yellow-orange gradient background
G.H. Bass/Fotograzia

G.H. Bass Larson Woven Weejuns

a model wearing a pair of Seeveas Espadrilles on the beach

SeaVees Del Mar Espadrille

a pair of cheetah print slides on a yellow-orange gradient background
Todd Snyder/Fotograzia

Freedom Moses Wild Cat Sandals

a pair of Tecovas Monterrey Slip-Ons on a yellow-orange gradient background

Tecovas Monterrey Slip-On

a model wearing the Our Legacy Camion Mules with black jeans and socks on a white background
End. Clothing

Our Legacy Camion Mule

a pair of blue and black Chcaocs clogs on a yellow-orange gradient background

Chaco Chillos Clog