San Francisco | October 17, 2016 9:00 am

Glamping, 400 Feet Above the Pacific

Also available: S'mores, campfires, overwhelming joy

Forecast for Sea Ranch: 72 and sunny. 

(No, really.) 

No need to mince words here: it’s time to take a ride up Sonoma way. 

You’ll never beat the view from these glamps, positioned on a Sonoma cliff about 400 feet above the Pacific. Each tent offers almost 170 square feet of space to roam, plus a wraparound deck — all the better for taking in the views from the rocking chairs. The interiors are plush, too, with proper beds, memory foam mattresses, Turkish towel, and linens reminscent of fine hotels. Fine hotels without these views. Also: s’mores prepared at daily evening campfires. Can you really do better? 

Sea Ranch (pop. 1,300) is tiny — which makes it a perfect place to relax. For things to do, you’ll want to roam a bit. It’s 30 miles from Sea Ranch to Jenner, where tour outfitters offer abalone dive classes (check here for one and call either to sign up for a private session or a group outing — the latter of which typically ends in an abalone picnic). Red abalone season goes through the end of November. 

On your way back from diving, plan for dinner at the River’s End — the river in question being the Russian, which empties here into the Pacific. They’re now serving their Wild King Salmon menu, which is an oily fish-lover’s delight: salmon chowder, salmon crudo, salmon farro and more. The views, by the way, are just about as good as the ones from your glamp. 

Finish your stay with a three-mile hike along the bluffs, ideally at sunset and before s’mores. It’s more about the views than the workout, given the level terrain. But the views are spectacular. It’s an out-and-back, so just turn around when you’re ready for the campfire.