Luxury Travel: Glamping Has Come to Mount Everest

It's not the only remote location with luxe camping available

Mount Everest from a distance. Glamping is now an option for climbers.
All this and glamping too, apparently.
Getty Images

What happens when you combine a form of luxury travel that encourages oneness with the great outdoors with a location that provides a taxing challenge to any and all who attempt to climb it? We’re about to find out, apparently. Mount Everest is set to get its own dedicated form of glamping — yes, Mount Everest, the one with the overcrowding and the occasional fatalities.

If you think the two are an odd combination, you’re not alone. Writing at Robb Report, Jen Murphy described the surreal experience of “having exceptional coffee delivered to my heated geodesic-dome tent with its 13-foot ceiling, queen-size bed, Persian rugs, lighting, and charging outlets” — all at a base camp at Mount Everest.

That’s the gist of Climbing the Seven Summits’ Everest Base Camp Rugged Luxury Executive Trek, offered annually between March 28 through April 14. The cost? $18,995. In addition to luxury amenities at base camp, the travel package includes high-end teahouse accommodations and helicopter transportation from base camp to Kathmandu.

Murphy’s dispatch does cover some of the ways that CTSS is minimizing its environmental impact, from using solar power for the base camp geodesic dome tent to carrying out all human waste and garbage so as not to pollute the area. Mount Everest is also not the only striking location where you can opt for a luxurious time in an otherwise harsh landscape — there’s also a company offering glamping in Antarctica now. All of the adventure, plus a comfortable mattress.


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