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Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Space With a New Wireless Mouse

These are the seven best options on the market

Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Space With a New Wireless Mouse

Few things will enhance the human-computer bond more than a good mouse. Forget scribbling around on your laptop’s trackpad—a wireless mouse gives you better control, and many come with a host of other features to make navigating apps and issuing commands a snap.

There are a few key points to consider when choosing a wireless mouse. First is how it connects to your computer — either via Bluetooth, with a USB receiver, or both. Keep in mind that older machines might not be compatible with the newer Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and newer Macs don’t come with USB ports. Also, some mice are powered by AAA batteries, and others are rechargeable. Most offer long battery life either way, but it’s something to consider if you’d rather not keep a stash of batteries on hand. Finally, there’s the DPI rating, essentially a measure of how sensitively the mouse tracks movement. The higher the DPI, the more quickly your cursor will fly across the screen. Beyond that, wireless mice offer a wide range of unique features, as you’ll see below.

I researched mice from brands like Logitech, Anker, and more to put together this lineup of highly rated options. Now grab one and get back to work (or back to scrolling through Twitter).

Best Overall Mouse: Logitech M720 Triathlon

I’ve used this mouse for months and love it. It connects instantly without the need to install software, feels comfortable, and it comes with Logitech’s Flow feature, which allows you to work between up to three computers seamlessly.

Most Affordable: VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

This is an Amazon best seller with thousands of five-star ratings. It’s super affordable and even comes with a few extras, like the ability to change the DPI settings to customize the cursor sensitivity.

Best for Gaming: Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Think of the Basilisk as the Rolls-Royce of wireless gaming mouses. It’s designed for a lightning-quick connection, so there won’t be any lag between your movements and gameplay, and it comes with a long roster of options: 11 programmable buttons, customizable scroll-wheel resistance, and more.

Best for Ergonomics: Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

The strange shape of this mouse allows you to use a handshake-style grip, which puts less strain on your nerves and forearm. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than similar ergonomic models.

Best Trackball Mouse: Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball Mouse

Unleash the power of the ball. This highly rated model from Kensington uses a large 55-millimeter ball for effortless movement around your screen, and it even comes with a wrist rest to keep your joints from getting out of whack.

Best Portable Trackball Mouse: Logitech MX Ergo

The Kensington above is great, but it’s bulky. This trackball mouse from Logitech is smaller and lighter, so it’s easier to bring along with your laptop when traveling. It also features a more traditional shape and button layout if you’re on the fence about trackballs in general.

Best Aesthetics: Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse

Picky about how your desk looks? The brushed aluminum finish on this mouse will pair especially well with Macs, and it comes in several shades to match any decor.

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