Patagonia Just Built a Craigslist for Environmental Activism, Basically

Companies and their goodwill marketing ploys.  Some are helpful, despite maybe not having the purest intentions. Some are absurd, and make you wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. really thought about Ram trucks.

And then, sometimes, you get a company like Patagonia. On top of all the work they already do to combat climate change — donating 1% of company earnings to environmental orgs, issuing grants for environmental research, offering employees paid leave to work at environmental NGOs — the adventure outfitters just launched Patagonia Action Works, a new website feature that makes it crazy easy to find local environmental groups and volunteer time, sign petitions or donate money.

This well-timed tool is coming at a terrible time for our planet. In the midst of our President’s unlawful public lands rollbacks, a cowardly retreat from the Paris Climate Accords and straight daily you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me headlines like our EPA head Scott Pruitt asking whether “global warming is necessarily a bad thing,” it’s refreshing to have a company that cares this much about the greatest challenge of our age.

And — kind of the whole point of Patagonia Action Works — they really want you to care, too. Give Patagonia Action Works a look. It breaks down the issues you can get involved with, then offers plotted nearby option on a map. Groups, events, backstories … it’s all there. And it’s sure to grow as the project picks up steam.

You can even check out their latest threads (or better yet, check out Patagonia Worn Wear) while you’re on the site to make sure one of our favorite companies can continue to fight the good fight.