RealClearLife Exclusive: Filmmaker Documents The Daily Struggles of a Syrian Refugee

After more than 5 years of war in Syria, there are nearly 5 million refugees and 7 million displaced within the country. Those numbers are hard to understand unless they have a face, or a personal story you can relate to. RealClearLife was given an exclusive look into a day in the life of one Syrian refugee, Hanadi. Her remarkable story—and journey—will be featured the upcoming documentary, The Language of Laughter.

Hanadi lost almost everything when the war broke out—her education, her home, her husband, and she’s convinced—her happiness. She walked for two weeks before arriving in Zaatari Refugee Camp, a sprawling tent city situated just a few miles from the Syrian border in northern Jordan. Hanadi is one of nearly 80,000 Syrian refugees for whom Zaatari became home. At 26, Hanadi is raising three young girls alone—worried they will never have a home or a chance. At least, this is how her story begins.

I have been documenting Hanadi’s life for nearly two years. As part of World Refugee Day, I have just released this trailer and launched a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to get the film across the finish line. Learn more about my project here. —By Reilly Dowd, RealClearLife Contributor