Menswear | May 5, 2021 11:59 am

These Limited-Edition 1970s Ray-Bans Are Only Available for a Few More Days

The '70s are back, baby!

Ray-Ban Vagabond and State Side Reloaded Sunglasses
Shades that make you wanna boogie.

The ’70s are back, baby, and if you needed any more proof, just look to Ray-Ban’s latest drop, featuring two styles retrieved from the brand’s design archives. The Vagabond and State Side Reloaded call back to the decade of disco and bell bottoms, both featuring strong pilot silhouettes (with the Vagabond’s lenses slightly more rounded), tri-layered frames in striped Havana, and yellow Ambermatic lenses to really lend the shades that authentic 1970’s aesthetic.

But before you dust off those flares, the sunglasses would pair just as nicely with more modern outfits, say a white tee and jeans, serving as the perfect accent piece (and a great conversation starter). Unfortunately the sunglasses are in a limited-edition run, with only a few more days left to purchase, so go ahead and snag a pair before they’re gone for good. You’ll look bitchin’, we promise.