Los Angeles | August 3, 2015 9:00 am

Here’s looking at meteor showers, kid

Three places to watch the Perseid in all her glory.

By The Editors

The night sky was our ancestors’ Netflix. This weekend’ll be prime time to see why, as the Perseid Meteor shower — a dazzling spectacle of debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle — kicks into high gear. Here are three places to catch the show.


Angeles National Forest has the elevation (7,000 feet) you need to escape the city lights. Head up Highway 2 for about 50 minutes into the park, past Newcomb’s Ranch (a solid roadhouse bar) and seek a pull-out with scarce tree cover. After 8 PM is best, but you could make it a camping trip.


Three Rivers is an all-glass pad near the Kern River (where you can drop a fishing line during the day). It comes with a telescope and a gourmet kitchen. Hit Kern River Brewing on the way in to pick up some growlers.

Luxury Rental

Rancho Maroma, a Mediterranean-style manse in Santa Ynez, comes with 25 private acres and sits on a hilltop. The back porch has a fireplace to keep you warm, plus plenty of comfy chairs.


Binoculars are requisite for the full celestial experience. Go for lower magnification, as a wider field of view is what you need. A pair of 7x50s will have a magnification of seven times and extract enough light for nighttime. Nikon’s Aculon is lightweight, approachable and gets it done. Orion’s Reolux is your top-of-the-line option.

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