Internet | November 10, 2017 9:54 am

Megyn Kelly Doubles Down on Sexual Harassment Stories

Deadline got an exclusive interview with the talk-show host and her ratings boost.

Megyn Kelly, in one of her first interviews since the September debut of her 9 a.m. ET NBC show, Megyn Kelly Live, tells Deadline why she decided to focus her show on the topics of sexual harassment and sexual assault and what she hopes will come out of this effort.

I think women everywhere, whether it’s the women of Hollywood or the women of Denny’s, understand what this is like,” the host said to Deadline, in reference tot he sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, and others that have emerged since The New York Times exposé on Weinstein. “That’s why it’s resonating, because it’s not just Angelina Jolie or Rose McGowan.”

Since doubling-down on the topics of sexual harassment and sexual assault, Kelly’s show has had double-digit viewership and rating gains, reports Deadline

Kelly told Deadline that she thinks women have dealt with these matters as an “unfortunate reality of our lives.” But what has been amazing to her over the past month is that it is the “first time in my almost 47 years, I’m starting to believe that change might be possible.” She said a big difference is that not just women, but men too, want to understand and hopefully change their behavior.

Kelly said she thinks her ratings and viewership are up because these topics resonate with everyone at a basic, fundamental level. When asked if there was a solution, Kelly told Deadline that she thinks the people who run Human Resources should be “detached from corporate management” and that they “they need to be transformed into a much more meaningful forum for reporting for women.” She also thinks there needs to be a “greater and more robust partnership with men.”

And her final piece of advice? “I say find your underground army. Find your fellow women to whom it’s also happened or who will support you if you come forward. Find your other men who are empathetic to what you’re going through. Talk about it even quietly.” She also reminded people that there are attorneys ready to help for free.