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Polydrop Isn’t a Trailer, It’s a “Portable Personal Space”

The aluminum teardrop gets a polygonal makeover

We’re experiencing a second Golden Age of camping trailers. After Airstream picked up steam again in the early 2010s, we’ve been flush with innovative, limited-edition riffs on timeless aluminum and teardrop stylings. But because practicality is essential (you still have to tow the thing), we have come to a point where many “groundbreaking” designs start to look the same.

Then Kyung-Hyun Lew came along. He’s the architectural designer behind Polydrop, a new polygonal teardrop trailer that’s part spaceship, part micro-apartment and part Instagram gold mine.

“Lew doesn’t think of the Polydrop trailer as a camper so much as a portable personal space,” writes New Atlas. “In fact, Lew developed the prototype trailer as his very own space, traveling with it hitched to his wife’s compact 4-cylinder car. The couple used it not only as a hotel alternative, but also as an office and mobile study area.”

Polydrop Trailer (7 images)

While there are certainly powerful four-cylinder cars on the market, the point here is that the Polydrop is a notably lightweight, but still luxurious, option. According to the website, its tongue weight is a measly 80 pounds, with the base weight just 760 pounds. A mattress takes up the entire interior, but the cabin is also outfitted with a roof vent, storage cubbies, electric heater, and USB and 12V outlets (a 12V battery can be connected to a solar panel).

Currently, a limited first-run of 20 Polydrop trailers are available for just $9K apiece. From where we are, behind a computer screen, it seems like a great deal, but as with any brand new company, you’ll need to do your due diligence and check these out before forking over the cash.

To start your research, check out a Polydrop being driven around L.A. below:

All images via Polydrops Inc