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All Hail the Mosquito-Killing Tank With Lasers Attached to Its Head

It can annihilate 30-40 skeeters every SECOND

Ever since Taipei-based inventor Tsao-i Shih patented the electric flyswatter in 1996, Taiwan has been top dog in the global competition that is the anti-mosquito arms race.

Tsao-i and Taiwan may have to scoot over now, though, as it appears China is poised to usurp the throne.

LeiShen Intelligent, a Chinese firm that appears to primarily make navigation tools for robots, has created a product called the “Laser Movable Mosquito Killer Robot” that’s every bit as great as it sounds.

Essentially a tiny anti-mosquito tank equipped with fricking lasers, the Mosquito Killer Robot uses object recognition and a tracking algorithm to recognize flying pests and “instantly” zap them into oblivion, according to the blog Quill or Capture.

Even more impressive: the little guy is supposedly able to blast 30-40 mosquitoes per second, but will leave people unharmed because it’s equipped with “multi-protection for human beings.” Sounds legit enough.

From the company brochure, according to Q&C: “In the past thousands of years written in history, human’s fight against mosquitoes have never ended with our victory. But with the invention and later-application of these laser mosquito killer products, history is there to be changed.”