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Review: FluffCo Wants to Recreate the Luxury Hotel Experience in Your Home

The company offers towels and bedding like you’d find at a five-star resort — but at modest prices.

Robe and towels from FluffCo on top of a bath
A robe and towels from FluffCo, which promises luxury hotel wares at modest prices

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FluffCo aims to bring your (good) hotel experience home. The company, based in Los Angeles, claims they source bedding and towels from the same suppliers “as your favorite 5-star hotels.”

And some prominent people agree: Architectural Digest gave the company a “Best Soft Pillow” for their 2022 Best Sleep Awards, and their down alternative sleeper topped a 2021 Apartment Therapy pillow ranking.  

As well, the pricing at FluffCo is modest — the company claims their $89 pillow, for example, is far less than you’d spend if you could buy directly from the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons — which I can’t prove, but every item we ordered was $49-$149, which is pretty decent for high-end towels and bedding. And you can save more by buying in themed bundles (Sleep Kit, Bath Kit, Hotel Kit) or buying in bulk — ideal if you’re a hotel or an Airbnb host, for example.

The company also possesses a socially/ethically responsible side — their Down & Feather products are certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), and FluffCo’s website also claims they donate product to local shelters.

While early reviews had tagged FluffCo as a direct-to-consumer brand, we’ve seen their wares pop up on Nordstrom and Amazon. Still, you might want to order directly from the company’s website, as they offer a quiz to determine your ideal pillow and “to make your spine is properly aligned.” After the quiz result, you submit an email and they give you a suggestion (and 10% off).

two pillows from FluffCo
Consumers can take an online quiz to select their ideal FluffCo pillow

My partner and I currently use a hodgepodge of pillows from assorted high- and low-end merchants. My current robe was a gift from a resort seven years ago and I’m not even sure where we sourced our other bedding from. As well, we have a practice of writing down and taking pictures of bedding we like when we stay at hotels. In other words, we’re the ideal customers for something like FluffCo. So we tried out the Hotel Robe Lounge, Hotel Bath Towel, Down & Feather firm pillow and Down Alternative duvet, which we’ll rank in order of preference.

But first: Although we submitted an order for an L/XL robe, we received an S/M, which probably did affect our rankings a bit.

Our thoughts:

Hotel Towel: A 100% cotton white towel finished with a twill satin border. This is the closest we experienced to a great towel at a luxury hotel. It’s oversized (37” x 72”), highly absorbent but also fairly quick to dry. And it feels really soft. After the first time in the laundry, it wasn’t quite as cozy, but after two months of use we haven’t shifted back to any other towel (except on laundry days).

Down Alternative Duvet: Made from microfiber blended with Tencel, a lighter and more eco-friendly material, this 300-thread count cover is fluffy, breathable, lightweight and felt just fine even on a day when the weather suddenly shifted back up into the mid-70s. Outside of weather extremes, this duvet will probably be a year-round choice for our bed.

FluffCo hotel robe and towels in a bathroom
The robe from FluffCo has a smooth outer shell and deep pockets

Hotel Robe: I wore the wrong (small/medium) size of this every day for a few weeks post-shower — and I’ll admit the larger size would have helped. Especially in the earlier and still warm days of fall, I felt overheated and restricted. It’s certainly cozy, but I tend to prefer robes that are thinner, as I run hot (and I’m not really a “robe” guy). As well, the exterior of the robe is smooth. It acts sort of like a shell — I’d have preferred it matched the plush fleece interior, but you may not notice. Big pockets, which is a plus. 

Down & Feather Pillow: You can select the size and “fluff” of your pillow on the site. I went with standard and firm. In any case, the idea here is a “pillow within a pillow” — there’s an outer layer of soft, airy down to cradle the head until it rests upon a supportive inner core of feathers. I found that “airy” part a bit frustrating, as I’m a restless sleeper and often adjust my head. Each adjustment now means an extra second of recalibration. Even as a standard pillow, I found it to be overly large. If you like that type of hotel pillow — and it did remind me of the pillows at expensive hotels — then this is an ideal option. It turns out I need something a bit less … pillowy. 

Overall, I think FluffCo mostly succeeds at its mission — to recreate the look and especially feel of bedding and towels you’d find at a luxury hotel. My personal preferences meant that I’d happily order towels from them again and get another duvet when this one runs its course. Meanwhile, I’ll continue foregoing robes in general and remain on the hunt for a more functional pillow. (Note: FluffCo offers 30-night free trials and free shipping and returns.)